My garden is coming back!

Like many of you, I planted a vegetable garden this spring. It was a a joy and a solace during the months of shutdown to see seedlings sprout and grow. By June it was flourishing, the best garden I’ve had in years.

Then, about two weeks ago I came home to a scene of massive destruction. Pea tendrils had been ripped off the trellis, bean plants mowed down, and the beautiful leafy swiss chard had been stripped down to the spines. The only plants that were spared were the tomatoes and eggplant. The garden had been trashed on a scale that could only mean a groundhog.


Not really, but every time thereafter when I saw the fat groundhog grazing in our yard, I aimed my finger and pulled the trigger. BANG! Take that!

Once I could bring myself to return to the garden, I reinforced the fences and hoped for the best. But I know that in battles between humans and groundhogs, the humans usually lose.

Still, lo and behold, the plants are recovering, leafing back out from their roots, bringing forth new blossoms that may in time turn into peas and beans.

It may not last, but for now it’s a nice metaphor for renewal out of devastation, something that we all wish for in the months ahead.