The other day my husband, John, was taking his daily walk to Millway Beach. A pickup truck pulled up alongside him containing two ruddy guys who looked like they had just come in from a day of fishing.

The driver rolled down his window and hailed John. “Excuse me sir…I have a question for you. Do you have a best friend?”

“Not counting my wife?” John asked.

 “Oh, absolutely not counting your wife!” the guy replied. Then he pointed to his buddy and said, “This guy is my best friend, but he’s an asshole!”

Perhaps there had been a few too many beers on the boat.

“Well, if he’s really an asshole, he can’t be your best friend,” John said. “Because a true asshole can’t be a best friend. However, a best friend can sometimes act like an asshole.”

 “Well said, sir!” exclaimed the fisherman. Then he rolled up the window and drove away.