On Tuesday morning, Sarah and I are taking off for the Atlanta Gift Show, where we hope to sell our Summer House Soaps to store owners from all over the East Coast. It’s a mind-bogglingly huge event  – one we’ve never done before –  so there’s been quite a steep learning curve.

We’ve never had to ship our products and displays to a show before, so we had to figure out how to pack it all on a pallet. This baby (over five feet tall) got picked up from my garage in early December.  With luck it will be intact and waiting for us in our booth when we arrive.


With any new show there are lots of strict rules to digest. Experience tells me that many such rules are completely ignored on location, but we can’t assume that.

In Atlanta, for example, all booth materials must be flame-proofed by Georgia-certified professionals. To avoid a problem, we’re skipping our usual drapes in favor of foam core walls which will be in place when we get there. The color we selected is an experiment  – lime green. It could be fabulous or it could be a horror. I’ll let you know.

Our lodging is also an experiment. We’ve booked a one-bedroom apartment in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood through Air bnb, an eBay-like site where people with an extra room or two connect with people looking for a place to stay. Should be interesting.

I’m in the process today of figuring out some show outfits that will fit in with the more dressed-up southern style.  As Sarah pointed out, it won’t do for us to look like a couple of middle-aged hippies.

It’s been great having a couple of weeks of down time, but the adventure of life resumes. Wish us luck!