I didn’t post much this summer because a lot of difficult things were going on. One of them was the illness of my mother. She passed away last week in her home in Ohio at the age of 90. My sisters and brothers and I were able to accompany her in her final days – at least as far as we could.

Mother was a prolific artist and writer. She grew up in a family of Quakers on a farm near Philadelphia, an environment that gave her a deep love of nature. At her service, my sister Betty read this piece, written by my mother when she was in her sixties. It’s a wonderful statement of who she was and what she valued.

What I Want

I’ve always known I wanted to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like walking barefooted and relaxed on the planet’s surface, breathing in the air and looking at the universe beneath my feet and above my head. I want to be fully present in each moment, reminded by the change of light, and watching the changes that seasons bring as the Earth orbits the sun.

I like the natural joys of life, like eating, hugging, and loving, hearing music and sounds, smelling different smells, seeing colors and art in life. I revel in the thrust of life shown in the riotous growth of vegetation, the bursting of buds, and the setting of future seeds. I love the other animals, insects, birds and life forms that share the moment with me – as long as they don’t bite me. (If they bite me, I may bite them back!)

I love to see farmers and gardeners working in concert with nature, and to see parents and children gathered in parks as they picnic. I like to watch all forms of humanity and their rich varieties of beauty. 

Sometimes I like to be silly and imaginative, like a child. It’s not good to become jaded and stiff with dignity, just because you have made many sun orbits!

 I want to freely express my response to Creation, and never lose the wonder-way that a child sees the world.

That’s what I want!

by Irvana Miller