Someone quipped that God created time so that everything wouldn’t happen at once.

But sometimes everything happens at the same time anyway.

It’s like that now. Both my sons are flying away within the next week. Tomorrow we go to Patrick’s college graduation. A few days later he will fly to Peru, and then report to his first “real job” in NYC.  Our 24-year-old son, Alex, is here for a few days before moving out to LA to start a new life.

Meanwhile, my 90-year-old parents in Ohio are having a series of medical crises and are nearing their own departure date. I’ve just come back from seeing them. All this happening simultaneously is a bit overwhelming.

Re: the boys…the urge to swing into “Mother Mode” is intense. Are you sure you need to ship that much stuff to LA? Really? What’s the last date you can get a yellow fever shot? Have you checked the expiration date on your passport?

But honestly, I don’t have TIME to get too involved in their plans, so I must let them do whatever they do. They’ll muddle through.

I commented to my brother Bill, whose daughter Rebecca is also graduating from college and about to relocate to the West Coast, “The fledglings are flying away…it’s exciting, and unsettling.”

He emailed back, “Re: the fledglings..I feel like the guy on the right”: