The weather this week has been weirdly warm here on Cape Cod. On New Year’s Day it was in the 50s and sunny. We took a morning walk with friends on Sandy Neck, and before long we were all sweating and peeling off layers. That afternoon, when the Barnstable Village New Year’s Day Polar Plunge was scheduled, the temperature was up to 56.

“Pffftt!” I scoffed. “Hardly worth the fuss.” As usual, I was looking for any excuse to bail out. Too cold? Forget it! Too warm? Well…

I did go in, however, and afterwards felt fantastic – 100% alive and 100% relaxed.

“If I’m waffling next year, remind me that THIS is the reason to do it,” I told John. Anything that feels that good must be good for you, don’t you think?

The warm weather continued all week. It seemed like the whole neighborhood was out walking in shirtsleeves and light sweaters. Many of us went daily to the Millway Beach Marina to watch a group of six or eight harbor seals that had taken up temporary residence. Lolling on the docks, they looked like fat sunbathers. All they were missing were sunglasses.

Snowstorms in October, sunbathing in January? This has been an odd year indeed. Probably there’s a sinister note of climate change underneath it all. But in the meantime, we’re enjoying the gift.