When you own a business in a vacation spot like Cape Cod, taking your own summer vacation is usually out of the question. Getaways have to be stolen in small increments, often at the spur of the moment.

Earlier this week, I jumped on the chance to play hooky from my work when Priscilla invited me to go floating with her on a tidal creek. It was a gorgeous summery afternoon, all blue skies and puffy clouds. Down at the creek, the water was high and the tide just starting to go out. We dived into the water with our wacky-noodles and let the current pull us gently downstream towards the bay.

Bliss! The only things we could see were tall green grasses, blue sky, and shimmery blue-green water. It was the most relaxing and immersed-in-nature thing I could imagine.

After about fifteen minutes of slow drifting, we were near the mouth of the creek and ready to swim back upstream. KICK, KICK, KICK, KICK, PADDLE, PADDLE, PADDLE, PADDLE…several strenous minutes of this, and we burst out laughing. We hadn’t moved an inch. Eventually we started grabbing handfuls of reeds and grasses and hauling ourselves up-creek, which got us to a little side-tributary where the current wasn’t as strong. We hung out there for a while till the water level dropped enough for our toes to touch the bottom.

Later, back at the house, we gave my new outdoor shower a trial. More bliss!

I adore outdoor showers, but till now this one lacked a crucial feature – something to screen me from the neighbors. Now it’s completely screened, but only on one side. The other side is wide open to the yard, and completely private. Here’s the shower, and the view I see when I’m in it.