A lovely week of quiet is drawing to an end. Ah well. Here’s my plan to ring out 2010.

Today:  Get a massage, using a gift certificate I received for Christmas 2009. (Is this really the first free time I had? How ridiculous.) 

New Years Eve:  ????? (One of the benefits of being middle-aged is you don’t really give a rat’s ass what you’re doing on New Years Eve.)

New Years Day:  Sunrise, Fort Hill.  Noon, New Years Day Swim, Barnstable Harbor.  It’s supposed to be 50 degrees out. No excuses!

Sunday: Mame’s annual party boat party. After much food and drink, we’ll make little paper boats enscribed with things we’d like to get rid of and things we’d like to support in the coming year.  We’ll take them to the water, light candles in them and set them loose, little twinkly lights in the dark.

Monday: back to work.