Brussel sprouts

If I were trying to live off the land on Cape Cod, I would be very grateful for brussels sprouts. I planted a lot of them in the garden last spring and they’re still hanging on today, in spite of weeks of freezing weather and deep snow.

 Last night I snapped a dinner’s worth of frozen sprouts off the stalks. Once thawed, they behaved just like fresh. I’m quite fond of the earthy vegetal personality of brussels sprouts, but until recently I never ate them any way but boiled or steamed, with a little butter (a touch of mustard is good, too).

Then, last year, I had addiction-inducing salad of shaved raw brussel sprouts at a trendy restaurant in New York City. That one had Jerusalem artichokes in it, (not something I’m likely to have in the fridge), but I’m wild about fennel and often have some on hand. This is my own version of that New York salad. 

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Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Fennel Salad

1 lb brussels sprouts, trimmed of stems and any discolored leaves, sliced very thin with a sharp knife
Half a fennel bulb, cored and sliced very thin
1/4 cup pecans, toasted in an oven and chopped coarsely
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

Toss everything together with 1/4 cut good olive oil, @ 3 TBSP fresh lemon  juice and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper.  Salt to taste.
Let sit for a few minutes before serving to let flavors mingle.