Of the many holidays we celebrate in this country, it’s nice that there’s one devoted to gratitude. In spite of the iconic image of the Pilgrims celebrating their first Thanksgiving,  gratitude is an under-rated emotion in our culture. We don’t celebrate contentment here like we celebrate ambition…..it seems to indicate a lack of pluck. Our economy relies on our endless striving for something better than what we have, on our constant desire for more.

Gratitude, in spite of its slightly dowdy image, (one thinks of an auntie admonishing us to count our blessings) is actually a radical antidote to this cultural drive. Where the culture says more, gratitude quietly says enough. Far from being one of the minor virtues, it’s actually the key to a happy life. Without it, no matter how much we have, we will never be happy.

Gratitude roots us in the present, saving us from missing the beauty of the moment because we’re busy reaching for the next thing. It counteracts the tendency to fixate on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. It lessens anxiety and insecurity, the fear that there won’t be enough to go around. Gratitude reduces a sense of isolation by reminding us of our profound interconnection. When we see the things in our lives as gifts, we can’t help also seeing all the people and events that brought those gifts to our door.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m thinking how lucky I am to live in a beautiful place like Cape Cod, working in a business I love. I’m grateful for the sun, rain, and farmers behind the oils and plants that go into our soap, and the wonderful people who have worked cheerfully alongside me, helping the business grow. And most of all, for the customers who have supported us over the years. For all these things, I just have to say, THANKYOU!