09-nyigf-croppedJust came back from a week in New York at the NY International Gift Fair. This was the first time we took our products to New York. It feels like the Big Time, but a bit scary! The show costs big bucks, and you have to deal with big unions, and those crazy big apple drivers, and all it takes is one big blizzard for all the money you’ve invested to go down the toilet. Still, the buyers were there, in spite of the chill weather and dismal economy. We wrote some good orders and planted lots of seeds. Now we just have to keep watering them and giving them sunlight.

Spending a week in New York was a blast. I rented an apartment in a great Chelsea neighborhood full of inexpensive but hip restaurants and attractive people walking their little dogs. I spent an evening meditating at The New York Insight Center, which was right down the street, and another one checking out the Asian art at the Rubin Museum, also right around the corner. Mostly, though, I was ready to crash after a long day at the show. It would be fun do spend a week in NYC without having to do any work!

Many thanks to Elaine and Ginny and Kate for helping me out at the show!