At a time when the demand for oil lies at the heart of some of the world’s most painful conflicts, it seems appropriate to mention that our soap does not contain any petroleum.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Of course it doesn’t!” you may say.
“Who would imagine it did?”

But it’s not ridiculous at all. A great many bath and body products are created from petroleum. Industry analysts say that soap sales are declining in the US, while “body washes” are gaining. “Body wash” sounds fancy, but it’s usually a euphemism for a petroleum-based cleanser, AKA detergent. Detergents were created during World War II to clean the sides of battleships, and now they have been recast as luxury bath products. Isn’t it amazing what a little marketing voodoo can do?

Instead of making our products from non-renewable petroleum that is pumped out of the ground in the Middle East, we make them from plant oils….olive, palm, coconut, castor. We don’t claim to be environmental saints….many of our oils travel long distances, burning fossil fuel to reach us. But which would you rather use on your skin, real soap made from olive oil or a petro-chemical foaming agent?