Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of its simplicity. We get together with friends and family and share a meal. It takes at most two days: one to cook and one to eat. The dinner is a collaborative affair, with everyone bringing a side dish or a pie; and the traditional nature of the menu saves us from going overboard on foods designed to impress. Unlike certain holidays I could mention, Thanksgiving has no multi-week leadup, no mandated decorations, no soundtrack, and no exchange of gifts. The simplicity allows us to concentrate on what’s important: spending time with people we love.

Our business is very busy throughout the holiday season. We will be selling at fairs almost every weekend from now through December 9th, as well as processing mail orders and shipping to stores. We love the excitment, and are very grateful for holiday sales.

I am also grateful that right in the middle of the frenzy comes the pause of Thanksgiving. I never book fairs for that weekend, chosing instead to focus on family and home. Donning an apron and chopping celery and onions, I remember to slow down and keep it simple.

I hope you all find a precious pause this Thanksgiving!